Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Milestone

Hello fellow bloggers!

     I had every intention of writing before graduation...let's just say that didn't happen. Life has shined its bit of craziness upon me. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong this new step has been a challenge, but it has been one I am willing to face head on!(apply directly to the forehead;)

     My high school graduation has come and gone, and I'm not to sure that I feel different. I do believe that this new milestone is a tad bittersweet. I will miss all my wonderful, supportive friends that will be going off to college. While I am, by choice, completing my college education via Collegeplus! online. I must say I will be missing the social aspect of college life, which I so looked forward to. I love meeting new people, I think it might even be a hobby of mine. I do, however stick by my decision of finishing out my degree at home. I believe the Lord has more that He wants me to accomplish here at home, and in my community. Not completely sure what that is..yet. But, it is truly exciting! The anticipation of what could possibly coming towards me, full force, like a freight train, is exhilarating!

     During this new adventure in my life. I have been struck by the amount of wonderful people who have been praying for me my whole life. I must say, prayer is powerful. I just thank the Lord for placing good, godly, examples in my life to instruct, constructively criticize, love, and uplift me. For that I am truly blessed.

     This is my prayer as I face this new journey... I pray that I will grow closer to the Lord through His Word. And that I will give Him all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. That I may be used completely for His will, and for His glory. I pray I will be completely filled with the Holy Spirit, my whole being, the very air I breathe will be Jesus Christ. And that He alone will shine through my actions, words, conduct, and mind. I pray, that in the coming days, and for the rest of my existence on this earth that my one important life goal, is that I will be "Fully Committed to Christ", that I may truly know Him.

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