Thursday, September 11, 2014

Writing Into the Nothingness

     Yes, I know. Most people either skim read my blog or move over it completely. However, I figure that's okay. I basically started this blog to write what I was passionate about and who knows, it might touch someone's life.
     This post doesn't have a particular theme, but just some things I've been mulling over lately.

1.What is it like to have true and honest love?
     The answer to that seems simple, but it is harder to act out in our daily lives than we realize. To me, true love is caring deeply for someone and always being there for them when they need you, even if they've wronged you or you just don't like them at that moment. True love is waking up every morning with a selflessness that you don't have to try it, it just comes to you as easy as breathing in air. True love is wanting to risk everything and sacrifice all because of your love for that person(people). But most of all, true love was manifested when God sent His only Son to die for you and I on the cross. This is a sentence we've all probably heard more than once so let's put an example to it. Now, I don't have any children of my own, but I one day hope to have many. So for my example. Imagine with me a hospital room, your first child is about to arrive and all you feel are acclimating rushes of conflicting emotions ranging from fear, pain, love, confusion, courage, and know what you must do when the baby is born, but this is your only child and most likely your finally experience a final emotion that points you in the right direction...sacrifice. A sacrifice that would save an entire world from destruction and eternal death. You give up your child...only because of one emotion. Love. The truest most holy of all love. That is what God did for you by sending His Son to be the sacrifice to save the entirety of the world.

2. What does it mean to be wholly selfless?
     Selfless defined means, 'concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish.' This got me thinking...well, more brain never stops. :) How can I be so concerned with other's needs if I am so full of myself? Solution, completely empty myself of myself. Only then can I be selfless and concerning of others needs and wants. Of course none of this can happen without the Holy Spirit indwelling us and making us have a selfless spirit. I don't know about you, but I fail at this every single day. I have to consciously think about putting others before myself, but this cannot happen until I put God first in my life.

3. God really does send people in our path to help, encourage, and define us. I recently graduated from Nursing Assistant school(which I never thought I would), and I have been looking for a job. Which in today's economy is a easy thing to do, but hard thing to find. After about a month of searching I went to a friend's volleyball game and got to talk to one of my former coaches. She told me that her husband worked as a RN at the hospital I was vying to work at. And I basically was able to talk with him and I landed an interview. (so excited!) The same night the Lord dropped in my lap a part time evening job for my mom, who took the class with me. God's blessings are never ending! We just have to find them in the little(and big) things in our lives. Praise God for the people he places in our lives! :)

     Those are just THREE things I've been mulling over. Out of to many to write down right now. :) Remember, God is faithful even when we are faithless. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What's New!

Hey ya'll!!

     Just wanted to send a link for everyone to come check out my new photography website!!

Let me know what you think!!

Another Year Older... Yikes!!

Well, alas. The time has come. The time for me to have another birthday and become another year older. Granted, 20 is not old, I know this. Birthday's have always been a time of reflection for me, a time for me to look back on my life at what I've accomplished(or lack thereof) and to see what I need to improve on. God has really been teaching me a lot in one year. 

To name a few:

1. Good things do really happen.
2. Trials are for a reason(even if you don't know what that is yet).
3. Patience, patience, patience(I'm still learning).
4. What true love really is, and how its manifested.
5. My family will love me no matter what mistakes I make.
6. I fail...constantly.
7. I will continue to fail because I'm HUMAN.
8. I'm not perfect.
9. I'm loved immensely.
10. God will NEVER give up on me.

So, my year has been amazing, trying, hard, fun, amazing, learning, and life-changing. I wouldn't change a thing, I learn from mistakes and look forward to the future. :)

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's been tooooo long!

     Wow! Can't believe it! Am I actually posting something? :O It's been since 2012?! I can hardly believe it. So much has happened since then and I can truly say the Lord has blessed me beyond compare. Where to start! Big events...I transferred to a conservative Christian college and I am having a wonderful experience. I am being courted by the most wonderful guy out there. :) I could write about that forever! However, I will not. I would actually like to start doing a book review, and go chapter by chapter. In my seminar class here at school we've had to go through this book and for assignments we would post on discussions with our classmates. It's really been an eye-opening book that I would recommend for anyone. The name is 'Crazy Busy' by Kevin DeYoung. In short this book has helped me to embrace the busyness and not hide behind it. To stop and enjoy God's creation, and to count my blessings and be thankful. I hope ya'll stay tuned! As an FYI, since I am in college, it is Crazy Busy here, so if I don't post for a while I am alive. I'm just slowly dying under homework. ;) 

Stay thankful!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review!

This book has given me a new perspective on the way I think and how I treat the opposite sex. I never realized that the outward will always be a result of what is inside of us. For example, if all we ever think about is death, killing and murder. Then eventually what do you think we will end up doing? This book is an amazing read and re-read. I would HIGHLY recommend it! 

Wait by Russel Kelfer


Desperately, helplessly, longingly, I cried;
Quietly, patiently, lovingly, God replied.
I pled and I wept for a clue to my fate . . .
And the Master so gently said, "Wait."

"Wait? you say wait?" my indignant reply.
"Lord, I need answers, I need to know why!
Is your hand shortened? Or have you not heard?
By faith I have asked, and I'm claiming your Word.

"My future and all to which I relate
Hangs in the balance, and you tell me to wait?
I'm needing a 'yes', a go-ahead sign,
Or even a 'no' to which I can resign.

"You promised, dear Lord, that if we believe,
We need but to ask, and we shall receive.
And Lord I've been asking, and this is my cry:
I'm weary of asking! I need a reply."

Then quietly, softly, I learned of my fate,
As my Master replied again, "Wait."
So I slumped in my chair, defeated and taut,
And grumbled to God, "So, I'm waiting for what?"

He seemed then to kneel, and His eyes met with mine . . .
and He tenderly said, "I could give you a sign.
I could shake the heavens and darken the sun.
I could raise the dead and cause mountains to run.

"I could give all you seek and pleased you would be.
You'd have what you want, but you wouldn't know Me.
You'd not know the depth of my love for each saint.
You'd not know the power that I give to the faint.

"You'd not learn to see through clouds of despair;
You'd not learn to trust just by knowing I'm there.
You'd not know the joy of resting in Me
When darkness and silence are all you can see.

"You'd never experience the fullness of love
When the peace of My spirit descends like a dove.
You would know that I give, and I save, for a start,
But you'd not know the depth of the beat of My heart.

"The glow of my comfort late into the night,
The faith that I give when you walk without sight.
The depth that's beyond getting just what you ask
From an infinite God who makes what you have last.

"You'd never know, should your pain quickly flee,
What it means that My grace is sufficient for thee.
Yes, your dearest dreams overnight would come true,
But, oh, the loss, if you missed what I'm doing in you.

"So, be silent, my child, and in time you will see
That the greatest of gifts is to truly know me.
And though oft My answers seem terribly late,
My most precious answer of all is still . . . Wait."


    I have been struggling lately with being content with what I have, and who God has made me, and what talents He has given me. It has been hard for me to accept that Jesus Christ is enough, that He is the only one that can and will fill my void. This poem is everything that I have been feeling, waiting on God's timing. Trusting that He has everything under control, and that He will give and take away things in their proper timing. I feel like I am always trying to rush life, worrying because I have no prospects, or because I am doing college from home I have no social life(not true). I need to be content in Christ, that His grace is sufficient for me. Praise God for his patience! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Milestone

Hello fellow bloggers!

     I had every intention of writing before graduation...let's just say that didn't happen. Life has shined its bit of craziness upon me. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong this new step has been a challenge, but it has been one I am willing to face head on!(apply directly to the forehead;)

     My high school graduation has come and gone, and I'm not to sure that I feel different. I do believe that this new milestone is a tad bittersweet. I will miss all my wonderful, supportive friends that will be going off to college. While I am, by choice, completing my college education via Collegeplus! online. I must say I will be missing the social aspect of college life, which I so looked forward to. I love meeting new people, I think it might even be a hobby of mine. I do, however stick by my decision of finishing out my degree at home. I believe the Lord has more that He wants me to accomplish here at home, and in my community. Not completely sure what that is..yet. But, it is truly exciting! The anticipation of what could possibly coming towards me, full force, like a freight train, is exhilarating!

     During this new adventure in my life. I have been struck by the amount of wonderful people who have been praying for me my whole life. I must say, prayer is powerful. I just thank the Lord for placing good, godly, examples in my life to instruct, constructively criticize, love, and uplift me. For that I am truly blessed.

     This is my prayer as I face this new journey... I pray that I will grow closer to the Lord through His Word. And that I will give Him all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. That I may be used completely for His will, and for His glory. I pray I will be completely filled with the Holy Spirit, my whole being, the very air I breathe will be Jesus Christ. And that He alone will shine through my actions, words, conduct, and mind. I pray, that in the coming days, and for the rest of my existence on this earth that my one important life goal, is that I will be "Fully Committed to Christ", that I may truly know Him.