Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another Year Come and Gone

     It is inevitable...the time only goes faster the older you get. Everyone is always saying, "It feels so different for it to be a new year!" I just look at them like they are just feeling the after effects of to much bean dip. For me, the only thing that changes, or rather feels any different is that it takes me another 6 months to try and get used to writing a new year. I did that today...in the doctor's office...twice! Wow, it's only the third of January and I've written that  many times already. Although, it is a good reminder that I'm not perfect. I need that every now and then. Anyway...

     This past year has brought its joys, trials, and the failing times in life. However, my only constant hope, eternal divine peace, is my Heavenly Father. I praise my God who brings me joy and happiness, thankful for  Father who always comforts me in times of need, and forgives me when I fail.

     I adore my God who picks me up when I trip and fall(I do this quite often), and cleanses my wounds, and puts a band-aid on my knee, and knows that this wound will heal with time...although it will leave a lifelong scar. These scars make us the people who we will eventually become. Without them we wouldn't have learned that, doing this certain sin 'does' have its consequences. I guess the phrase, "Live and Learn" really does ring true. I'm just thankful that He forgives me, I know I need it countless times a day.

     I'm looking forward to the New Year, I'm excited to see what God has in store for my life in 2012. I know it will be a wonderful year, because my Heavenly Father is a loving, caring Father. And His Will is always perfect, true, and made just for me...  So bring it on 2012!